Scenario 1: In-school classes

Please text or call our division hotline 403-588-8155 if your child receives a positive COVID-19 result from Alberta Health Services. To learn more, please see our Division website.

School Fees

Ecole Mother Teresa School Fees 2020-21

Band Fee - District $10.00
Band Camp Fees $150.00
Perf Theatre $10.00
Recorder $10.00
Running Club $25.00
Volleyball - Junior $80.00
Volleyball - Senior $125.00
Basketball  - Junior $80.00
Basketball - Senior $140.00
Badminton $25.00
Track and Field $0.00
Ski Club Rental/Transportation $25.00 - $200.00
(the prices vary depending if they need snowboard or skiing rentals   
but if they have their own equipment they only need to pay for  
lessons and transportation.)