Amended Cellphone Usage

To ensure the very best climate for learning for all students, we have banned the use of mobile phones during class time. Students have access to technology for their education as we have ample devices (Chromebooks, iPads etc).

Please note that in the case of any special needs or family emergencies, we have a landline that is answered from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


  1. Mobile phones should be ‘off and away’ in lockers during all class times. If any phone is seen or heard in class, the student will be asked to take their phone to the office.  This will include phones tucked in clothing, in bags, or in binders.
  2. Delivered phones will be returned to students at the end of the day in the first and second instances. Should there be a third occurrence, a call will be made home requiring a parent/guardian to collect the child’s phone.
  3. Middle school students are able to use their phones prior to school, during lunch, and after school. We would appreciate if you would contact your child during these times as cell phone use restriction is in place at all other times including locker breaks.
  4. Elementary students are not allowed cell phone use at any point during the day.  If an elementary student brings a phone to school, it should always be ‘off and away’ at all times. (Please note that our elementary students do not lock their lockers.)