ÉMTS presents to you: Crusader Wear

The attached catalog/brochure shows clothing/apparel we are offering to our parents, students, and staff.

Deadline to submit orders is Wednesday, November 8, 2017. No late orders will be accepted as we will be submitting our orders that night. 

Payment options are cash, cheque (payable to EMTS), and debit/credit (located in the school office)

  • Payments has to be included with the order form.
  • No post-dated cheque
  • Penalty for NSF cheque

When ordering please double check the following items.

  • Ensure all information is correct
  • Chose the right size and mark it in the right space
  • One order form per student

Please contact Jordan Koopmans directly if you require further information.

Crusader Wear - Catalog

Crusader Wear - Order Form