Scenario 1: In-school classes

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French Immersion

We offer a wonderful French Immersion program for students in Grade 3 - 9. Students are completely immersed in the French language throughout the school day in all core subjects: French Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies.

French Immersion is a program of choice and it is open to all children. There is no particular selection criteria or registration fee. Most students are from English speaking homes. In a few cases, one or both parents speak French.

Here are some links that may assist you in your decision making:

If you are still unsure about French Immersion for your child, please speak with the school staff. We want you to make the best decision for you and your child.


"I love the concept of being able to go to Europe and all around the world and being able to understand without using a translator. The French Immersion program has let me learn how to speak fluently to others from different places and to connect with them." - Alicia, Grade 9 student

"It is important to learn another language to broaden your perspective and to see other cultures in a new light. It increases a child's ability to empathize with other children and encourages global citizenship."Roberta Koelmans-Cameron, teacher

"I have always believed that learning a second language improves brain function and over the years I have read studies that support/provide this. French Immersion provides this opportunity to improve the brain."Linda Zouboules, parent