French Immersion

We offer a wonderful French Immersion program for students in Grade 5 - 9. Students are completely immersed in the French language throughout the school day in all core subjects: French Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies.

French Immersion is a program of choice and it is open to all children. There is no particular selection criteria or registration fee. Most students are from English speaking homes. In a few cases, one or both parents speak French.

Here are some links that may assist you in your decision making:

If you are still unsure about French Immersion for your child, please speak with the school staff. We want you to make the best decision for you and your child.


Our French Immersion programme is a great opportunity for any child to become bilingual.  With this extra ability, it allows children to enhance their cognitive and critical thinking skills, helps communicate with other diverse backgrounds, betters their educational opportunities and broadens their global view.Shaun Gaudet, teacher

It is such a benefit to have your child in French Immersion.  By learning a second language kids can open so many more doors for their future endeavours.  French Immersion is also a great way to challenge kids and teach them a growth mindset.  I see kids developing great confidence and pride in learning a second language.  Learning another language can also be a great asset with their English learning as well.  I myself was a student in French Immersion and I'm so grateful for all the opportunities it's given me.  It has helped me acquire a job, communicate with others who only spoke French, and allowed me to develop a love for another language. -Amanda Bulger, teacher

I grew up in a French-speaking family and having gone to school in the French program until grade 9, I knew I wanted that for our children as well. As I finished school and gained more English-speaking friends. I was slowly losing my French, and once I had children, I knew that they would benefit from a second language, as it did for me when I looked for employment in my adulthood. 

All 3 of our girls are in the French immersion program and have picked it up quite well. Not only for them but, my French is slowly coming back as I read with them and help with homework. Best decision for our family for sure! -Francine Hewson, parent

Our family is extremely grateful to have had the French Immersion program available for our children's grade school years. 

The new language exposure right from the start naturally engaged our children and kept them focused and attentive during their school days. In the beginning, they really had to concentrate on what was being said, and we feel this helped further elevate their academic growth & childhood development.  

We believe French Immersion not only contributes to their success in academics but in their ability to learn new concepts outside of the school setting as well.  

There were certainly days when us non-french-speaking parents had to "trust the process" and we are so glad we did! The support and encouragement from our dedicated French Immersion Team have been absolutely fantastic! 

Both of our children have expressed on several occasions how happy they are to be in the French Immersion program. They also have the confidence that they could easily learn another language in high school option classes. 

We look forward to the advantages our children will have in further education, employment, and travel that second language acquisition has given them.

-Bobbi Laitila, parent