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Matt Fercho

Photo of Matt Fercho

Grade 7-4 Home Room English

Born on the fall equinox of 1980, Matthew entered the word destined for greatness.  As a child, Matthew loved to know more, always following up the answer to a question by posing another question, “why?”


Life was simpler in the 80’s.  Baths in the sink, saucer walkers that you could drive down the stairs, orange telephones with curly cords and an awesome ceramic frog that held your dish scrubby.  Matthew spent a large amount of time camping with family, visiting the dinosaurs in Drumheller and making many family trips to the Banff attractions.


As a teenager Matthew spent many summers living with Auntie’s, Uncle’s and cousins.  Playing video games of limited quality, cutting up a couch with a saw to fit it out of the basement and throwing Sprite bottles up in the air to see how high they would bounce.  


Matthew attended Notre Dame highschool when it was brand new and played basketball through grade 12, graduating in 1998.  Following highschool Matthew worked in a Molecular Biology lab making mutations in the DNA that codes for proteins. He quickly learned that this career was exciting but monotonous** and wasn’t for him.  He began seeking a career that would be more fulfilling, and give him a sense of purpose.


He rushed through university taking spring and summer classes hoping to finish his degree and begin the next chapter of life.


Some other stuff happened and then Matthew met his wife Angela.


Today Matthew has three children and lives on an acrege west of Bentley.   He teaches Math 7, Science 7, Phys. Ed. 9 and some of the best exploratories in the building.