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Martin Rheaume

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Grade 8-1 Home Room French Immersion

Bonjour tout le monde! My name is Martin Rheaume. I have been a French Immersion teacher for over 20 years. In student terms, this places me between the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. I have been with the Red Deer Catholic since 2001 and I have had the pleasure of teaching every age from Kindergarten (Phys. Ed… which is like herding cats) to Grade 9. I now teach Social Studies (Immersion) Grades 6 through 9, a Social 8 class, Religion 8 & 9 and some great creative exploratories such as Photography and Stop Motion Animation. Born and raised in Montreal, I moved out to Alberta in 1991 and earned my teaching degree at the Faculté St-Jean (U of A) in 1995. It was there that my wife met a handsome, intelligent French Canadian that she just had to marry (my version of the facts). Through my guidance and tutelage, she has now become a Doctor of Education and works as the Associate Dean at the School of Education at RDC. Together, we produced a beautiful female offspring named Emilie. She is currently in her second year at the University of Toronto Mississauga (and yes, she has been told that she cannot have a boyfriend who is a Maple Leaf fan). Some of the things I enjoy doing: camping, going to the movies, listening to some good audio books… really enjoying this empty nest thing (won’t lie.. little annoyed that nobody told me about this before. I might have started this, like, 5 to 10 years ago!). I also enjoy watching the most beloved team EVER: the Canadiens! As well as some football (Go Als!). Finally, I would like to call to action that we must be diligent in stopping this insane trend that may be harmful to the future of our youth: socks and sandals are NOT a thing! This insanity must stop. Please help our youth. Thank you.