Attendance Line

Absences / School Attendance

Whenever your child is going to be absent (either morning or afternoon), please call the attendance line at 403-887-6371 and press 1 to leave a message. If an extended period of absence is expected, please contact the teacher via email regarding homework as well.

We have a Google Form that can be filled in as well here: Student Attendance Form

Should your child be LATE arriving at school, he/she must report to the OFFICE to avoid being marked absent. It is important that we know where all of our students are in case of an emergency. 

Our school secretaries are required to make parental contact for ALL unexcused absences. Some days that requires a significant amount of time. Letting the school know if your child will be absent will help to reduce that time.

PowerSchool generates attendance reports every term. Students who are above a certain number of absences will receive a letter from the Principal. Although we realize that there are often extenuating circumstances (vacations, extended illness), we would ask that you sign and return the reports for our records.

Please remember students develop good attendance patterns early in their school careers. Parents play a key role in helping children develop good attendance habits and this goes hand in hand with their optimal success in school.