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Staff Farewell Celebration

Thank you for all that you have done and been for our school community and we wish you nothing but joy and happiness as you take your light and lead others with the love of Christ.

God of our life’s journeys, we gather here to celebrate the goodness of and ask your blessing as our departing staff continues on the road of life. May the love that is in our hearts be a bond that unites us forever, wherever we may be. May the power of your presence bless this moment of . We know that God goes with you. As you journey onward, may you remember always that our love and appreciation for you are etched on our hearts As you meet the poor, the pained, the stranger on your way, may you see in each one the face of our Christ. As you walk through the good times and the hard times, may you never lose sight of the shelter of God’s loving arms. As you question your decisions and wonder about the fruits of your choices, may the peace of God reign in your heart. We praise and thank you, God of the journey, for who are soon to leave. We entrust our departing staff  into your loving care, knowing that you are always the Faithful Traveler and Companion on our way. Shelter them and protect them from all harm. May the future be a source of many enriching and transforming moments. Amen. St. Teresa of Calcutta ... Pray for us!

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