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Staff Farewell 2021

We wish to inform you of the following staff changes at Ecole Mother Teresa School. As of June 30, 2019, Mr. Shane Chisholm will be leaving the position of Principal of Ecole Mother Teresa School (EMTS) and he will begin a new position as Principal at Father Henri Voisin. I wish to welcome and congratulate Mr. Jeff Tuchsherer, the new Principal of Ecole Mother Teresa School (EMTS). They will both commence their duties on August 26th, 2021. In the transition, we will continue together to set up, organize and plan for September 2021 so that Ecole Mother Teresa School will be staffed and ready for the opening day. On behalf of the students, staff, parents and parish we would like to thank Mr. Chisholm for his years of dedication to EMTS as an administrator.  


To Mrs. Whitney Schwab, she will be joining the school community of St. Francis of Assisi to teach Grade 8 Math/Science. Thank you Whitney for your dedication and support you provided your students these past two years. We know full well that you will be an excellent addition to the team and students at St. Francis of Assisi.


To Ms. Hayley Pretorius, she will be joining the school community of St. Teresa of Avila to work in their Pre-Kindergarten program. Thank you for your support and dedication to our Grade 5 program. We know that those little Pre-kindergarteners will be blessed with your gifts and talents. 


We would like to extend our grace and blessings to those staff that are leaving us this year. To our retiree's - Mme. Michaud, Mr. Huizing and Mrs. Dyck. To Mme. Joanne Michaud, she has been with our school for 15 years and through that time she has seen many administrators - principal/vice principals - come and go. There have been staff shifts, split classes, small classes and large classes and through that time she has been a tireless advocate for French Immersion program, the language, the culture and the program of studies for the students in her classes and the future students to be. She was very involved in our Fine Arts program, in particular our school plays, with the same energy and conviction she brought to the classroom. To Mrs. Anne Dyck, she has been an Educational Assistant with our school division for 15 years. Ann taught us the intangibles of supporting our students through her daily conversations. She took the time to ‘listen’ with great sincerity and undivided attention.  It is these connections that Ann has made with staff that has also made her a life-long learner and inspiration for her students.  She offered great advice with a fun twist of humor.  To Mr. Dick Huizing who is retiring this year. Dick was an invaluable member of our school community maintaining the beauty of our facility and day to day operations. He made sure our beautiful building ran smoothly with so much of his work behind the scenes. That quiet, humble work was deeply appreciated by students and staff. He has been a part of our school division for over 21 years.


To our retirees - Mme Michaud, Mr. Huizing and Mrs. Dyck


Dear Father God, Thank you for the seasons of life, for the joy of childhood, the excitement of youth, and the stability of maturity. Thank you for the blessings that come with age, for all the happy memories to enjoy, for the wisdom that comes through experience, and for the freedom that is given with retirement. Lord, we give thanks for the tremendous blessing that has come from the work of many years, and thank you that you still anoint and use us always, in all seasons. We pray that this would be a new beginning, may your hope arise, and your vision be the guide. May a new rhythm emerge, one that forms a beautiful balance between rest and engagement with life. And now Lord, we ask for your blessing. May there be good health, joy in abundance and peace in heart and mind, from this day forwards and each day that follows. 

In Jesus name, Amen.

St. Teresa of Calcutta ... Pray for us!


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