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Last Week of School Activities





We just wanted to share a video on making fireside bannock from our FNMI team.  Talking about the history of bannock being a type of fry bread that originated from Scotland, that the Indigenous people of Canada adopted.  As Indigenous people were removed from their lands, they also lost traditional food sources, the Canadian government-supplied rations of flour, lard, sugar and eggs.  In preventing starvation, the Indigenous people made bannock as a necessity as they could no longer make foods from natural substances gathered from the woods. 
Making Bannock Video  
We have also created videos to go through the Seven Sacred Teachings lessons.  The videos can be used to review the teachings or to supplement lessons that are being created please share with your staff.
Humility Humility=Wolf Seven Sacred Teachings Truth Truth=Turtle Seven Sacred TeachingsHonesty Honesty=Sabe Seven Sacred TeachingsRespect Respect=Buffalo Seven Sacred TeachingsCourage Courage=Bear Seven Sacred TeachingsLove  Love=Eagle Seven Sacred TeachingsWisdom Wisdom=Beaver Seven Sacred Teachings


The last video is a nature walk for your students focused on the five senses. Please share with families as an activity for the long weekend. 

5 Senses Nature Walk Video

Please let us know if your family is requesting traditional medicine for smudging, and we will ensure that we get packages prepared and out to families as needed.  Now is a time that some Indigenous families will be connecting to nature, dancing, praying and smudging.  

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