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EMTS Parent Update - AP 162

January 13, 2022


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We want to bring to your attention a change in protocols that will be effective Monday January 17, 2022. The district has developed a new Administrative Procedure (AP 162) regarding vaccination / rapid testing requirements for staff and visitors across the division. The following is the section regarding visitors and guests to the school:


  1. Contractors, On-site Partners, Visitors and Volunteers, are required to abide by all current Alberta Health Services and Government guidelines relating to COVID-19, and will be permitted access in accordance with the following: 
  2. Contractors and On-Site Partners will be required to have policies and/or procedures with respect to COVID-19 and to provide the Division with confirmation of the same. 
  3. Visitors and Volunteers will be required to sign-in upon arriving at Division property, provided they will be on Division property for fifteen (15) minutes or longer, subject to subsection (d) below, and will be required to show: 
  4. Proof of Vaccination; or 
  5. Proof of a negative PCR or Rapid Test (dated 72 hours or less). 
  6. Visitors who are on Division property during normal hours of operation (i.e. during school hours) for fewer than fifteen (15) minutes will not be required to show proof of Vaccination or proof of a negative PCR or Rapid Test. 
  7. Visitors who are on Division property during non-normal hours of operation and where there will be minimal exposure to the general student population and to staff, will be permitted to remain on Division Property without providing proof of Vaccination or proof of a negative PCR or Rapid Test on an exceptional basis, provided: 
  8. There is sufficient capacity and physical distancing is capable; and 
  9. The exception is confirmed by the Site Manager, commonly the school principal. 
  10. The Division will not collect or store Proof of Vaccination or Rapid Test results from Contractors, On-site Partners, Visitors or Volunteers. 
  11. Contractors, Onsite Partners, Visitors and/or Volunteers, who are found in violation of this Administrative Procedure will be requested to immediately leave the Division property and may be subject to the termination of contracts or participation in Division activities.


Feel free to review the entire document at I would encourage you to contact me with any feedback that I can forward to our Senior Administration team or to answer any questions that you might have. Take care and stay safe everyone.

Yours in Christ,

Jeff Tuchscherer - Principal

École Mother Teresa School 


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