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Do small things with great love.~Mother Teresa

The support staff team here at École Mother Teresa School is second to none! This crew demonstrates absolutely phenomenal dedication to supporting students on a daily basis. Over the course of any given day you could see them kicking a ball in the hallway with a diabetic student to help bring their blood sugar down or assisting a girl with mobility difficulties navigate the sidewalk to avoid any icy spots. They will be on the floor throwing dice for a math game or with small groups doing some extra reading to develop stronger literacy skills. These folks bring it every day and they do it with a smile, day in and day out.

Not only are they invaluable to our students, they make life around here, in general, a great deal easier as well. Given a moment when not with students they are helping bundle masks and rapid tests to be sent home, tidying up a workspace that is a bit unkempt, volunteering for running club, yearbook, or delivering a Chromebook cart to a class for a teacher. Does anyone need to learn how to live stream a basketball game??? We have just the person to show you how to do it so that your entire school community can join in.

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