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Joanne Michaud

Photo of Joanne Michaud

Grade 7-1 Home Room French Immersion

My name is Joanne Michaud and this is the 16th year that I have taught at École Mother Teresa School. I teach Math to French Immersion students in grades 6, 7 and 9 and French Language Arts to students in grades 8 and 9. French is the first language I learned so I am a strong supporter of the French Immersion Programme . I truly believe that learning a second language opens doors and gives our students a qualification that can serve them well.
From a personal perspective, I have two grown daughters and three wonderful grandchildren, who get a lot of my attention. One of my daughters lives in Alberta and the other one in England. Travelling is something that I love so I go to England, and area, as often as I can. I also love singing and have been a member of the Sylvan Lake Massed Choir for several years performing during the Christmas season. I am an avid reader, am passionate about learning and could easily be a professional student, were it not for that pesky little detail known as finances.