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Mme. Tamalyn's Grade 4-1 Class Participates in a Waste Management Survey

Leanne Bertram and Linlee Landsiedel  from Clean Conscience Recycling led our class in an interactive garbage digging activity.  A day's worth of trash was saved and this morning, we sorted it into various categories.  We were amazed at the amount of paper towel, wasted food, and food wrappers were in the trash.  With Leanne's guidance, we identified the top 7 wasteful problems in our trash and came up with a possible solution for each.  Our next steps are to look at the solutions and pick a few that we would like to implement in our school.  The students were especially surprised at the amount of items that could be repurposed and generated a lot of ideas of how we could reuse clean items from our trash.  What a "hands-on" way to really dig into our Waste in Our World Science unit and become better stewards of God's beautiful creation of our lovely world! For more information on how Leanne and Linlee are helping our environment, visit their website at


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