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Miss Klassen's 4-2 Social Studies Class is Learning about our First Nations Culture

Miss Klassen's grade 4-2 Social Studies class is learning about our First Nations culture in Alberta.  Today, we learned that the Indigenous People had a great deal of respect for everything they used to help them live.  When they hunted, they would use they every part of the animal because to waste anything was a sign of disrespect to the Creator.  

The Blackfoot People used buffalo hides to make their summer shelters (tipi).  There are 3 areas on the tipi that were reserved for special drawings (top, middle, and bottom).  Even the colours used had special meanings.  Some of our tipis are a little "short" but we had a lot of fun decorating and making them.  Once they were completed we took a group picture.  To make it as authentic as possible, we set up our village in a circle and all our doors are facing east to meet the rising sun.   

So much fun!


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